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Ups exteriores ti' le serie HW & Fuente alimentación u interactiva le internet ichil le serie HD
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Ups exteriores ti' le serie HW (1kva to 3kva)

HW series ups is a smart multifunctional line interactive ups, consisting of inverters, automatic voltage regulator, conversion circuit, main control circuit and display alarm circuits, etcetera. This type of outdoor ups used for the outdoor communication data base, railway, lighting system and some tunnel lighting backup system. The cabinet is IP65, Waterproof and dustproof, have longer using life.

Ups exteriores ti' le serie HW (1kva to 3kva) advantage
Two type for choose: battery included/ battery excluded, different backup time can be Configured

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1. Advanced digital electric system super stable operation
2.Battery intelligent management, durable and free from worry.
3. Intelligent detection system whole protection
4. snmp card, RS232 and RS485 communicate port really realize multi-purpose communication and remote monitoring;
5. Adopt high precision SMD technique, whole machine highly precision
6. Basic on six generation IGBT and high speed static switch transform technique, high reliability.
7. Many protection, Optional input harmonic filter

1.Communications industry
2.Outdoor communication base station
3.High-speed rail

Bix HW-1K HW-2K HW-3K 10k~20k
Nominal Capacity 1KVA/0.8KW 2KVA./1.6KW 3KVA/2.4KW 20kva/16kw
Working WAVE Low frequency, Double conversion, pure sine wave online
Phase Single phase L+N+G Three phase
Input Power factor >0.90
Rectifier Tensión yaan 220Vac; 230Vac; 240Vac( option 110Vac,120Vac, ) 380/400/415v
Range ±25%
Input frequency 50Hz±10%; 60Hz±10%;
Input THD <2%
Soft startup 0~100% 5sec
Charge Charge mode constant current to constant voltage, with temp compensation; with Auto change
Float voltage 55VDC
Temp. compensation 3mV/ 1 Pc
Charge current 6Amp ( option 10Amp)
Batería Battery type maintenance-free lead acid battery
Battery capacity 7~999AH settable (according to the capacity)
Battery number 4pcs 12V as 1pcs battery bank 32pcs 12v
Inversor Phase 1 Fase 3Fase
Rated capacity Rated capacity ×0.8
Output Voltage 220Vac; 230Vac; 240Vac ( option 110Vac,120Vac, ) 380/400/415v
Output voltage distortion ±1 %( Stable load); ±3%( fluctuant load)
Freq distortion 50Hz 60Hz<±0.5%
crest factor >3:1
Output THD Sine wave ,linear load<3%;non-linear load<5%
Dynamic characteristic Instant voltage<±5 ti chúumuk(from 0 to100% ), Instant recover time<10MP11
Imbalance load voltage Output Voltage <±5 ti chúumuk
Protección xu'ullsa'al sobrecargas 125% 10min; 150% 1min ; 200% 1S
Eficiencia >93%(full load)
Bypass Fase Single phase+N Three phase+N
Voltage 220Vac; 230Vac; 240Vac ( option 110Vac,120Vac, )
Transfer time <1MP11( static switch with 0 S )
Protection Input protection Input over/low voltage ;over frequency
Output protection Over current short circuit ; factor low
Battery protection Over charge ; over-discharge
Temp protection Environment over temp protection, inverter over temp protection
Hardware failure Assistant power abnormal, breaker cut off, breaker overload, power components over current/over voltage etc protection
Cooling COMPULSIVE VENTILATION(with temperature control)
Communication RS232/ RS485; (optional SNMP card)
Safety rate IP43
Physical parameter Noise (dB) 45~50
Buka'aj (W*D*H)Mm 890*640*1250 (Max. Built-in 8 pcs 12V100Ah batteries), Usually according to battery quantity
Peso(kg) without putting the batteries 105 115 135 304


The production and package of HW series outdoor ups.

Q: Ba'axten elegir k?
Un: Chan China ya'ak u jo'olmakilo'ob&fabricante sistemas solares, 11 ja'ab yaan ti' kaambalo'ob ti' le producción yéetel comercialización
Ups & yik'áalil solares.
100% Inspección kanik calidad bey ma' le envío.
Utsil calidad & Utsil mayaj yéetel tojol competitivo.
Ma'alo'ob ti' post-venta: 2 ja'abo'ob yilik ka' yaanak ma'alob yéetel, wa páajtal, proporcionamos instalación yéetel reparación in situ
K yik'áalil yaan ti' certificado CE, ISO9001, ISO14001, OHSAS18000, Autenticación TLC, ka chinos
certificación conservación energía
K'íiwiko' baal le 100 ciudades yéetel noj lu'umilo'obo' le yóok'ol kaaba'. Yaantal sucursal ti' Pakistán, Australia, etcetera.



Wa teech yaan yaan talamilo'ob yóok'ol Fuente alimentación tu láakal le serie FEPS , wa k'áato' wojéeltik asab detalles yóok'ol 3 fase ups,3 t.u.m fase ups,480 Voltios 3 fase ups,3 fase na'akal u tojol,3 especificación fases ups,etcetera. Bienvenido u ts'áabal ti' máax ku To'one'!

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